Emergency Pasco landing delays Seattle travelers

PASCO-- An emergency landing at the airport in Pasco triggered by an in-flight sensor delayed dozens of passengers of a Delta 757 late Monday night.

Just before ten the Delta jet, flying from Atlanta to Seattle, made the emergency landing after heat sensors went off in the cargo hold of the plane.

The 757 landed safely, and all 183 passengers were forced to get off the plane.

Firefighters and airport crews searched the aircraft.

No fire was ever found and officials now believe it was a faulty sensor.

The landing was a precaution that most on board were glad the pilot took.

Ron Foraker, Airport Director, told Action News, "That's why we run through emergency exercise like we did not long ago. It really helps to go through the plan, bring everyone and train for something like this. And thank goodness there wasn't a real fire."

Passenger John Kemp said, "Everybody was really calm. The crew did a great job. so , no drama. We landed safe. Now I am getting a rental car to go to Spokane."

As of midnight Delta was working on getting passengers alternate flights to Seattle.