Every 15 Minutes makes an impact on Kamiakin students and families


KENNEWICK, Wash. - Car crashes are the leading cause of death of drivers ages 15-20 in Washington state.

Over the past few days, Kamiakin High School students experienced what it's like to fall within this gruesome statistic with the Every 15 Minutes program.

The Kennewick Police Department demonstrated the realities of drinking and driving, even simulating the deaths of classmates and children.

“You walk around your home and you see their things laying there and just know that that is a possibility, that in the blink of an eye they could not come back.” Ronda Carreras says, who received a notice from the police that her daughter Jordan had passed away, making the experience very real. She even had to read a eulogy as if her child was truly gone.

“Even if I wasn’t the one who was drinking, or under the influence,” Jordan Carreras explains with emotion, “it could just as well be me as the victim.”

Unique to the Tri-Cities are the bracelets made by volunteer parents. Each bracelet commemorates students who participated in the program, while symbolizing school pride and friendship.

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