Everything at Labor Day Picnic still free after 6 years

Everything at Labor Day Picnic still free after 6 years

KENNEWICK, Wash. - The combined unions of the Tri-Cities hosted their sixth annual Labor Day picnic at Columbia Park in Kennewick on Monday.

Rather than just say goodbye to summer, organizers from each labor union in our area said they wanted an event for hard-workers from all over the community to enjoy themselves.

That's why everything from food to games to parking was completely free.

Vice President of the picnic committee Vicky Allison said the event is one of the best things she does all year long,

"I feel really good about this because you know when you're serving on that line over there everybody that comes through says 'thank you so much for doing this we really appreciate this' and 'it's just such a great event'. It's just so positive."

Allison said volunteers for the event get together each month to plan for the picnic. If you're interest in signing up to volunteer for next year, they have more information on their Facebook page.

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