Eviction numbers are out

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- It's a sign of a slowly recovering economy. Since we last reported, evictions in Benton County have gone down.

KEPR last told you about the rise in evictions for Benton County just two years ago. More people were being forcibly removed from their homes. A down economy meant a tougher time paying rent.

But in 2012, those numbers dropped slightly. Although 2013 is pacing to be higher, officials don't expect the numbers to swing very much.
Apartment managers tell us they're evicting less people.

"Because the vacancy rate is high than what's reported by the media, I believe that there are landlords out there who are willing to put up with a little more," said local apartment manager Deborah Ruegsegger.

Across the river, Franklin County is seeing an upward trend. This year's numbers are pacing to be higher than last year. In fact, they could be the highest in three years.