Ex-Boyfriend shoots new boyfriend near Connell

NEAR CONNELL, Wash. -- A shooting in Franklin County ends with deputies arresting the man who called them in the first place. It all started when 61 year old, Tino Mata called police saying he shot an intruder on his property.

But after interviews, police found out that supposed intruder was actually coming over to visit the shooter's ex-girlfriend.

It's believed that jealousy led to the shooting, which is why police immediately arrested the shooter.

Corporal Josh Bunten explains, "Usually the call you're dispatched to is never really the actual call. By the time you get there, it turns into somehting else, someone more or something less."
Action News reporter, Melanie Tubbs asks, "Have you seen this before? A mix up like that? "
Bunten responds, "Actually, no, I haven't. Not in our county."

The suspect was booked into the Franklin County jail and is being charged with assault. Meantime, the victim in this case is doing okay after being shot in the foot.