EXCLUSIVE: Father speaks out as son recovers from 2nd story fall out window

KEPR is continuing to follow the incredible story of the little boy who fell from the second-floor window of his home in Kennewick.

5-year-old Luke Durst is now out of the I-C-U, and is in physical therapy. But it has been a difficult month for the family.

Action News Anchor Whitney Ward sat down exclusively with the boy's father to hear what is helping them get through it all.

Matt Durst says he's doing much better now than he was a month ago.

"My wife did CPR on Luke for 13 minutes," he recalls. "When she called me, I said, is he going to be alright? And she said, I don't know..."

The little boy fell from the top floor window of his Cottonwood home on February 16th. He and his brother had been playing, when they opened the window, and the screen gave way.

Doctors told Luke's parents the boy landed on his head.

His injuries were so severe, he was airlifted to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital in Spokane, where it became clear Luke might not survive.

"He had some really close calls," says Matt. "At one point, his oxygen was really low, and the doctors called us to be with him and said you need to be with your son right now. They said it's not looking good. And we prayed and just begged him to keep fighting."

And that's exactly what the little boy did. After ten days, he regained consciousness, and was eventually removed from the ventilator, which had been keeping him alive. Matt calls it nothing short of a miracle.

"I just think it's a gift from God. I can't think of any other explanation."

The family also says they couldn't have made it through without the community support. Dozens of local businesses are now donating to a silent auction, which will be held later this month, to help the family pay for Luke's mounting medical bills.

Luke's uncle Gordon Comfort has been helping organize the event, and he says the public response has been amazing.

"The community has been just wonderful. Unbelievable. I can't even believe the number of things folks have donated."

The benefit will be held Saturday, March 24, from 5-8pm at Kamiakin High School. Admission is $5 per person.

Anyone who would like to donate an item or service to the auction can send an email to

Monetary donations can also be made to the Luke Durst fund at any Gesa Credit Union.