Family reclaims stolen helmet for memorial

KENNEWICK - So often enough enough, our crime tracker stories don't end with happy news--- so you can imagine our surprise at this story.

Last month, we aired a story about unclaimed stolen goods in Benton County.

A man from Kennewick watched KEPR from his dying bed - and he was moved to see his prized motorcycle helmet on our air.

That man was sick with terminal cancer at the time--- and watched us from his death bed.

I just miss him being here," said Kendra Myers.

Losing Tim is not easy - especially for his wife Kendra.

"He was loving - he would help anyone who asked for help," said Kendra.

Anyone at his memorial would tell you his faith and love for his family came first.

Anyone would also tell you - he had a thing for anything on wheels - right down to his motorcycle. Riding made him come alive.

"I think he liked it because it felt like a kid again," explained Tim's daughter Jaxxon Myers.

"I think he felt free - with the wind blowing on his face," added Kendra.

So you can imagine Tim's huge disappointment when someone stole his prized motorcycle helmet on boat race weekend. A few weeks passed--- and eventually Tim came to the realization he would never see his helmet again. That is until the night of August 7th---- when Tim turned on Action News--- and caught this story.

And there it was. In a pile of stolen goods--- Tim's motorcycle helmet was front and center. Tim watched our story from his death bed that night--- but even a wave medication wasn't enough to curb his excitement.

"I didn't think we'd ever see this again," said Kendra.

Tim passed away just weeks later. But Kendra will never forget the look on his face when he saw his prized helmet on TV. A few days ago, she claimed her husband's helmet from the sheriff's office---- with the purpose of using it at Tim's memorial.

"It means a lot to have it here," said Kendra.

So it stood today - in its rightful place - as a symbol for Tim's passion for riding. Showcased among photos of his wife and daughter.
Serving a small reminder of this good man's legacy.

More than 300 people gathered to remember Tim.

Family members tell us the person who stole Tim's helmet is still in jail.