Farmers Market ready for new season

PASCO, Wash. - In Pasco fresh vegetables and fruits have arrived. The Farmers Market open at 8 am tomorrow , but without any wine or beer.

Last year Paso was one of two cities to try out having wine vendors. Lawmakers voted to make that a permanent offering, but it won't happen until late summer. Asparagus will be the biggest offering tomorrow. And strawberries will be available. They're not normally found at the start of the season. The farmers' market manager says this is an important economy driver in Pasco.

"Trying to revitalize downtown Pasco, so this Farmers Market draws thousands of people on Saturdays and wednesdays and as they come through, hopefully they will shop at these other stores also," said Mike Somerville.

The market will run through the end of October. The Richland and Southridge farmers market will begin the first week of June.