FBI: 1 shot, another found dead near Wapato

NEAR WAPATO, Wash. -- Investigators are trying to figure out if there's a connection between a shooting victim and a man found dead Wednesday morning near Wapato.

The body was found in an orchard. FBI agents haven't indicated whether he was murdered.

The Yakima County Coroner said it looks he suffered some head trauma.

This discovery came after a shooting on the Yakama Nation that sent someone to the hospital. Detectives are trying to find out if there's a connection.

It's a search for answers -- an unidentified man found dead in the middle of nowhere.

"My brother was telling me, he said they found a body at the end of the road," said neighbor Juan Rodriguez.

That discovery was the second stop for FBI agents following a violent trail. Their day started with a call from Tribal Police about a shooting victim.

"That victim survived injuries and is currently undergoing medical treatment," said FBI spokesperson Frank Harrill. "Shortly after that a body was discovered on the Yakama Reservation."

The FBI is investigating whether there's a connection between that shooting and the body discovered west of Wapato on Kays Road.

"I'm in shock," Rodriguez said. "I can't believe it."

The orchard is not a place known for crime.

"It's just quiet, just the employees, workers, other than that at night it's so quiet," he said.

When Action News first arrived there were upwards of ten investigators searching the area. People combing the hills and looking through fallen branches looking for any evidence that would better help investigators understand what exactly happened.

Investigators have not yet ruled the case a homicide.

"It is relatively rare to have an incident like a shooting juxtaposed with a recovery of a body and fortunately incidents like this are relatively rare on the reservation," Harrill said.

The Yakima County Coroner, however, calls the death suspicious.

There's wasn't much where the body was found besides tire tracks, a pile of wood and blood splattered on the ground.

"We live right at the very end, no houses around. Now, since a body [was found] it's going to be more scary," Rodriguez said.

Scary and a bit bizarre in a case with more questions than answers.

No names have been released for the man found dead or the shooting victim. An autopsy will be performed Thursday morning.

The FBI has not named any suspects.

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