Fewer drug equipment violations in Pasco

PASCO - The Action News Crime Tracker found drug paraphernalia violations are going way down in Pasco. Officers attribute the drop to the legalization of marijuana.

We pulled the numbers for January through September of this year and last year. Almost 70% less people got caught with illegal drug paraphernalia.

The drop comes as drug abuse violations also go down. By over 20% during the same time period. We talked to one local who says 502 was a smart measure.

"I think it's great. What it's going to do is put money instead of the cartel's hands, it's going to put money into the farmer's hands and also freeing police resources so they can go after hardened criminals and cocaine and all that other stuff," said Tri-Cities resident Matthew Ganz.

General DUI's in the city only increased slightly - by 12%.