Finley church vandalized

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Church members gathered Wednesday night to restore their house of worship. In Step Baptist Church was broken into late Tuesday night and vandalized.

Windows were shattered, doors were kicked in, and fire extinguishers were sprayed everywhere. The vandals smashed sound equipment costing thousands of dollars.

They even stole instruments the church used for Sunday worship. Church members got some help from the community as they cleaned up the mess. And they remained in high spirits.

"Anything that will bring us together and move us forward is a great thing," said Wendy Harding.

And pastor Ron Curbow said, "We have quite a bit of help coming and we've been victimized and we're going to take the power back and not be victims any longer."

Benton County Sheriff's units are investigating the break-in. So far no arrests have been made. More than 50 people came out to lend a hand in the clean up.