Fire crews continue battling Wenas fire, Ahtanum fire under control

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Shannon Ostriem was on her way home from work when she saw red flames light up the sky over her home.

"I couldn't get ahold of my family and I knew my husband had the kids so that was my first thought. The house, I didn't really care about the house," Shannon said.

Shannon said she found her safe family when she arrived home, but then she quickly took her children and left as flames were within feet of her property near Ahtanum Ridge.

Shannon's house was one of at least a dozen threatened by the 1200 acre brush fire. She said she feared the worst when she saw the flames come so close.

West Valley Fire Lieutenant, Brian Vetsch, says at first crews thought they had the small fire under control. But steep inclines and the rural area made it difficult to battle, and flames quickly spread.

"And then we had to call a second brush alert and get some help from the outlining agencies," Brian said.

The crews efforts were successful and no homes were lost.

In Wenas, a 1600 acre fire continued to burn Saturday. A visible line of red fire retardant surrounded the area. Two structures which were not homes burned as crews tried to contain it.

Although from a distance it might seem like the coast is clear with no major smoke or fire visible, spot fires were popping up and kept fire fighters at the scene and on their feet.

An intense battle for crews spread thin across the area. Neighbors say it's a job well done.

"I mean the family is the most important thing but then also when you have the time to stop and think, OK, you didn't lose everything, you don't have to start all over from scratch," Shannon said.