Firearm frenzy: Gun stores see record sales

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- As congress prepares to tackle stronger gun control laws -- local gun dealers say the demand for guns is like nothing they've seen before.Anticipating stricter gun control, store owners like Charlie Griggs are dealing with a firearm frenzy in the middle of the Tri-Cities. More guns are being sold in his store now; more than any other time in 40 years."We've always prided ourself on having what people need... but in this case, you can't get enough," Griggs tells KEPR.For every single gun in Griggs' store, three people are lining up to buy it. Jamie Ramirez is one of them."It's all about competition," Ramirez says. "Everybody wants what they want... nobody can find it."It has several gun makers beefing up production. Sturm Ruger is one of the country's largest gun makers. It plans to manufacture five million more firearms this year.Since 2009, there have been four times as many gun purchases in the US than the number of babies born. In the case of Griggs' store, so many people have called asking for a specific gun that the store set up a website so people can track inventory."They can start a wish list on the website. People can track their gun each hour of the day if they want to," Griggs says.To advance this story further, KEPR reached out to local authorities about how they feel about the surge in guns. Only Franklin County's Sheriff got back to us. He told us there is currently no worry by authorities about an increase in guns, and that people's interests are their own business."Interests" that show no signs of stopping, especially during the possibility of increased gun control.