Firefighters come to aid of injured eagle along I-84

PORTLAND, Ore. - Firefighters and animal control officers helped rescue a bald eagle that was struck and injured along I-84 on Wednesday.

Around noon, Portland firefighters driving on I-84 were flagged down to report an injured bald eagle on the side of the highway. Firefighters used their truck to block off several lanes as they tended to the injured animal.

They called in officers from Multnomah County Animal Services, who managed to corral the bird and take it to the Audubon Society in Northwest Portland.

Deb Sheaffer, an Audubon veterinarian, said the eagle has a broken leg and injuries to both feet. It also is suffering from partial paralysis.

The bird was swooping down on the road to likely snag a dead animal that was nearby when it was apparently hit by a car.

Sheaffer said the bird has been stabilized for now and vets will conduct a CT scan on Tuesday morning. They believe it's an adult that is at least five years old.