Franklin County Fire District #3 gets new thermal imaging camera

FRANKLIN COUNTY FIRE DISTRICT #3 NEWS RELEASE -- Thanks to a grant from a national agricultural company with facilities in Franklin County, Franklin County Fire District #3 in Pasco took delivery of a new piece of firefighting equipment Tuesday evening that could save lives. CHS, a diversified energy, grains and foods company of Inner Grove Heights, MN contributed $5,000 through their foundation grant to the fire district for the purchase of the new Thermal Imaging Camera.

The thermal imaging camera uses an infrared detector to create a very detailed temperature pattern which is displayed on a screen. Firefighters carry the handheld device into smoke-filled buildings and view the temperature pattern on a 4" screen. This allows firefighters to look through the smoke and scan the rooms for possible trapped occupants and hidden fires behind walls and in the attic.

A single thermal imaging camera costs a little over 5,000 dollars with accessories and a vehicle mounted charger base.

Fire Chief Mike Harris completed the grant application and submitted it to CHS for consideration. The fire district was notified on April 18 of the award and the new thermal image camera arrived Tuesday.

CHS is a national company with their corporate headquarters in Inner Grove Heights, MN with grain storage and fuel distribution in Franklin County.

Franklin County Fire District #3 is a combination fire department with 35 volunteers and 4 career firefighter/EMT's providing fire protection and emergency medical response to 7,168 residents in a 165 square mile area north of Pasco and parts of the Riverview area.