Franklin County Neighborhood is one step closer to becoming The City of Riverview

PASCO, Wa -- KEPR is continuing to cover the annexation issue affecting thousands in Franklin County. Neighbors in the so-called "Donut Hole" are one step closer in their fight to become their own city, free of the grips of Pasco and Franklin County.

Roger Lenk's got chickens, ducks and geese.

He says, "This is what living should be about."

Lenk lives in what's become known as the "Donut Hole" in Franklin County... but he's hoping his address will be in the City of Riverview someday.

"We're well on our way," Lenk tells KEPR.

400 signatures were needed to get this issue on the ballot but they got 900 just by going door to door.

Lenk explains, "An extremely good turnout. The majority of those signatures were collected on the weekend."

The City of Pasco has been pushing to annex the area for over a year now. If you talk to the city, the change is supposed to make more money, offer access to secured services, all without compromising a current way of life.

"We don't want that," Lenk says.

Lenk believes a Pasco address would be more crowded. Land in the donut hole has an average of one house for every four acres.
The surrounding areas have a density of one house for every quarter-acre. If the residents were part of their own city, they could more directly control the growth.

Lenk explains, "We have 4,000 right now. We're happy with the 4,000 we have."

If those 4,000 incorporated into a new City of Riverview, it would be the second largest city in Franklin County. But it would have no city workers or infrastructure. Neighbors expect to develop a city council with a mayor, and contract emergency services with Franklin County.

"We'll pay property taxes. This area generates 1.2 million dollars a year, more than adequate to provide these services," Lenk claims.

Now the signatures in support of Riverview go to the Franklin County Auditor to verify at least 400.The goal is to bring this before voters in late Spring.Based on all these changes, Pasco hasn't made a public decision on whether it will still go forward with the annexation effort.

We did try to get a hold of Pasco's city manager multiple times today and he did not comment