Franklin County Open House

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - The Franklin County Fire Department is making their final push for the approval of a lid lifter to continue the EMS program.

The first open house to any any and all questions will take place this Wednesday at Fire Station 34 off Road 84 in Pasco. The next will be the following Tuesday with one more the following week. The lid lift, is for 32 cents per one-thousand dollars of assessed value. It would cost the owner of a 200 thousand dollar home 64 bucks a per year.

"It's so they can make informed choices on the ballot in November, this levy is incredibly important and without it the future of EMS services and Fire District 33 is very uncertain," said Franklin County #3 Fire Commissioner Todd Blackman.

The lid lift will be on the ballot in November.
For more information on times and dates..or if you can't make the open house forums, go to their website which you can find on