Frosts take a hit on local cherry crops

TRI-CITIES - It's the tail-end of a rough season for some local crops. Area farmers tell us frost took down a huge portion of our cherries.

One grower says he lost more than half his crop. April's weather had a number of overnight frosts. Other crops like apples are more forgiving. Local farmers tell us they're most concerned about finding workers to pick a half-full field. One expert relates raising cherries to gambling in vegas.

"I think many of us would be better served by going on down to Las Vegas and putting a couple hundred dollars on the table, and walking away from 20 minutes and then have some sleep for the rest of the year," said local farmer Gary Middleton.

KEPR learned this year's cherry crop will be harvested starting in June. Farmers now just keep their eyes on getting through any june showers.