Gas price apps... are they worth the download?

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- And as you brave through each one of those construction zones, Action News is looking into which gas finder apps will help you save the most money. It turns out some of them don't work as well as others.

We'll start with the Gas Guru app... and we do NOT recommend it. When we tested it out, some gas stations didn't even show up and the ones that did, listed the incorrect price.

We had much better luck with the Gas Buddy app. It was helpful to find the cheapest gas, and clearly showed the best prices.

But if you're really looking for the best deal, Action News recommends downloading the SmartFuel App. Prices are updated each minute and we found the maps to be accurate. This as more drivers have been doing their research to get the best price at the pump.

One driver says, "If they're trying to save money, they're gonna do everything they can. Cause nowadays it's just ridiculous to pay over forty dollars to fill up... When it used to be like a dollar fifty a gallon."

Each one of the apps we just mentioned are free.