Gas prices going back up

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Alberto Santacruz looks up at the gas prices, "It just keeps going up and up and what do we do? We just gotta pump gas right?"

A quick $41later, and his truck isn't even filled up, but he says he knew this was coming.

"The warm weather's coming, so the gas prices gotta go up," he tells KEPR.

Historically, gas prices do spike in the summer.. But it's only february.. And in the last month, gas is up 40 cents a gallon. The average price in our area is $3.35 a gallon. A real damper on long weekends like this one, when many people like to get out of town.

"I like money and I don't like spending it on gas," Malik Cook Devries says.

Malik is heading over the Seattle this weekend.

He continues, "So we'll fill up the gas tank a couple times going over there and I wish it was cheaper."

Today, according to triple A, a round-trip drive to Seattle will cost a little over $100 in a large sedan like Malik's. To Spokane.. $65. Compare that to last year, around this time, the average price of gas was $3.15 per gallon here in the Tri-Cities. A trip to Seattle cost you 80 dollars and about $45 to Spokane and back.

There's no clear end in sight. Oil prices are expected to increase this spring. Malik is making the money sacrifice for the long weekend... But not looking forward to the summer ahead.

"I have a lot of family that lives up there. I'm looking forward to it going down again," Malik says.

We found the cheapest gas around town was at costco in Kennewick and Mid Columbia grocery in Pasco. They were offering $3.28 per gallon. Overall in Washington, the price of gas is $3.62 per gallon.