Gov. Inslee proclaims 'Moment of Loudness' for Hawks

GOVERNOR"S OFFICE NEWS RELEASE -- Gov. Jay Inslee today issued a proclamation proclaiming a Moment of Loudness at 12:12pm tomorrow, urging " the 12th Man to celebrate this momentous Super Bowl win and congratulate the team and themselves by making as much noise as possible for 30 seconds." Gov. Inslee encourages all Washingtonians to join him in recognizing the Seahawks historic Super Bowl victory by making their voices heard Wednesday.

"No other team's fans come close to the 12th Man. Our team is bigger, faster and stronger and the 12th Man is without question louder than anyone else in the nation," said Inslee. "Tomorrow we'll celebrate our team and their win with a Beastquake that will rattle the ground from Duvall to Denver."

You can read the full text of the proclamation here.