Governor Inslee appoints the Tri-Cities' first-ever Hispanic judge

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- The effort to improve our courts brought Governor Inslee to the Tri-Cities.

He was in Kennewick to swear in our newest judge and sign off on a new law.

The law increases the number of judges in both Benton and Franklin Counties.

Up until now, there haven't been enough judges to handle the caseload.

During the presentation, Eastern Washington's newest judge was sworn-in.

Sal Mendoza is the first-ever Hispanic judge in our area.

Governor Inslee says the added judge is necessary to make sure every case goes to court.

"If you have to wait years to get your day in court, it's like the keys are locked to the courthouse," Governor Inslee says "This will open up that door for people to get a fair measure of justice."

Mendoza was appointed to Superior Court last month.

He replaces Judge Craig Matheson who retired.