Graffiti down this Spring

TRI-CITIES - KEPR is always staying on top of the latest gang and crime trend. We dug deeper into graffiti numbers -- and learned that trend is going down. We pulled the numbers for the past two years.

In Pasco, the the number of graffiti is pacing to be slightly down from last year. In Kennewick, it's a similar story. Although graffiti rose slightly between 2011 and 2012. It's also down this Spring.

Over in Richland -- gang graffiti is down so far this year. Police say it's all about partnership to crack down.

"We've done it in both counties and all of the police departments and Sheriff's departments are actively engaged in trying to get people out of the gangs or keep them from becoming a member of a gang," said Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb.

Police say treating graffiti seriously plays a big role in curbing gang -- and criminal activity.