Hanford reflects on 75 years of a nuclear world

Hanford reflects on 75 years of a nuclear world

RICHLAND, Wash. - It's been almost 75 years since the creation of the atomic bomb. During that time, Eastern Washington became a central site for national defense efforts, because of the Hanford nuclear complex.

Hanford and the Tri-Cities community was instrumental during World War II when the Manhattan Project's plutonium production facility developed. The Hanford History Project has uncovered many artifacts and archived them. For the first time during a conference, the public can visualize and understand the significance of the nuclear production facility and it's impact on the Tri-Cities environment.

The conference will take place March 15-18, 2017. Many guest lecturers are expected to attend, and tours of the White Bluffs Bank historic site, B Reactor, and Hanford High School will round out the events.

Visit Hanford History Project to purchase tickets and learn more about this historic conference.

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