Happy ending for rescued horse


BURBANK, Wash -- We have an update on a story we told you last week about a horse that was rescued from a Burbank field when it's owner had to leave town.

Maggie Harrison rescued Mona, a 15-year old pregnant mare. She started a Go Fund Me page to raise money to take care of the horse and that's when Action News found out about her situation.

After our story ran a week ago, Burbank resident Tamica Dickenson contacted Harrison and offered to take the horse for her 12-year old daughter Cassidy.

The exchange was made this week and all involved, including the horse are as happy as can be. "Oh man, she ran around the back 40 and was so happy it was ridiculous. Went rolling around in the dirt, trotting around neighing she made a little horse friend down the road," said Dickenson.

As for the money raised in the Go Fund Me account, some of it will pay for two tons of hay for Mona that is being delivered today. The rest will stay in the account and will be used to pay vet bills as Mona gets closer to delivering her foal in the fall.

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