Heart for the fatherless

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- More than a quarter of all kids in foster care are available for adoption.

And in the Tri-Cities, one local non-profit is offering help for families who adopt.

The Heart for the Fatherless group offers support and counseling for families who want to adopt.

The organization hopes to attract 200 people to its annual conference. The event is free and offers childcare at no cost. 25 speakers.

The group's director says they try to make adoption easier for everyone involved.

"Adoption is laid on your heart - and you know that there's a child out there with no mother or father - and you have space in your heart and in your home - to be available to whatever the needs are out there - I encourage you to take a step," said Heart for the Fatherless Chairperson Kirsten Vickerman.