Hermiston goes all day kinder

HERMISTON, Oreg. - All-day kindergarten will be offered for the first time in Hermiston schools this fall.

Tami Sinor puts her three kids' education at the top of her priority list, with her youngest set for kindergarten next year, she sees the difference between half day and all day kindergarten.

"Part time kinder seemed like the day ended too soon or the week ended too soon," said Tami Sinor.

Which is why she's all smiles for Hermiston's plans to add all-day kindergarten for about half of its students next fall. In a couple years, it will be a state requirement for all districts in both Oregon and Washington, but Hermiston is starting early with some classrooms to ease the transition.

"Kids that are younger at that age seem more capable learning a tremendous amount, they're like sponges, it's good for her and other children like her to get a start on education," said Sinor.

It will take some start-up costs, Hermiston expects to spend about $800,000 on new portables and additional teaching positions.

"I'm excited for a full day so that I can give them a better chance to own their learning and to know without a shout of a doubt, that they fully understand what I teach them and remember it," said kindergarten teacher, Ashley Nicodemus.

"It also gets them up early on the structured studying requirement," said Sinor.

Hermiston expects more than 400 kindergartens to be enrolled in the fall. A lottery will decide who is in half day and who is in all day kinder.

"Having a full day program gives these kids a better foundation, because it gives them a better jump start," said Nicodemus.

And for parents like Tami, she understands how important that jump start can be.

"Better education for my children, bottom line, it takes an education and than some," said Sinor.

Kindergarten registration for Hermiston School District is Friday, april 17th.