Hermiston High student learns at Princeton

HERMISTON, Oreg. - A Hermiston high school student received the chance of a lifetime to study at an Ivy League College.

Arielle Rachellehandforth was chosen to be one of 60 high schoolers around the country to participate in a two-month program at prestigious Princeton University. Students practice their test taking skills, meet with counselors, and experience higher college learning. Aimed at low income families.1st-generation students who are looking to go to bigger schools Ariel is the 4th Bulldog in the ten year history of the program to be selected and the third in a row.

"A once and a lifetime opportunity to go and not just learn about colleges, but to be with 60 other students from around the country with different perspectives and opinions," said Arielle Rachellehandforth.

You must be a junior to apply. Applications for next year are currently out.