Hermiston PD using Go Pros to go get criminals

HERMISTON, Oreg. - You might think Hermiston PD is filming an episode of COPS. Officers are now equipped with little cameras right on their bodies. The goal of this footage is to keep repeat offenders off the streets.

It's the newest tool on the belt, or shirt, of Hermiston police. Mini-Go Pro cameras. A recorded bird's eye view of an officer's encounter with citizens. The camera could record a suspect who isn't following police commands and possibly allow for more charges to be added.

"It's very frustrating for officers to keep dealing with these repeat offenders over and over again that are allowed to manipulate the court systems," said Hermiston PD Chief Jason Edmiston.

It's the size of a peanut, but Hermiston PD are hoping that this small piece of technology will be the answer to big results in keeping chronic offenders off the streets and in jail.

"I see this as a tool for doing just that, nip these chronic offenders in the bud," said Edmiston.

Hermiston PD spent nearly four-thousand dollars on two servers and 20 mini cameras, one for each officer. Footage will be kept for two years.

"A lot of this video footage can and will be used in proceedings it will be sent to district attorneys for prosecution purposes," said Edmiston.

What about those who think this is big brother? Police must tell you that you are being recorded, erasing any kind of possible miscommunication.

"I expect we will have some confessions from the street that may take place , very much evidentiary," said Edmiston.

And it will record police as well, in case there was ever a question of their behavior on the job.

"The accountability component is huge and that also leads to the safety of our people," said Edmiston.

A small addition, that could make a big change. We learned the cameras are not mandatory. An officer can choose not to wear one.