Historic signs stolen from Richland neighborhood

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Signs meant to honor local veterans were carelessly ripped off their posts across Richland. A homeowner called KEPR to share pictures of the suspects -- and hope you can crack the case.

There was a surprise waiting for Marcie Chana when her and husband came home this weekend.

"We were coming back from the grocery store and we noticed that our historical marker for our street was missing," she says.

The couple lives near Comstock and Goethals. The historical marker for their street is one of 207 signs honoring local veterans. They were donated by the historic street project and snatched right from Marcie's yard.

"You kinda feel violated," she added.

But there may be sweet justice. Unbeknownst to the thieves, the Chanas have surveillance video set up outside their home. The camera caught the crooks right in the act. A man and a woman jimmy the sign off the pole and head off into the night. Two other signs were taken from elsewhere in Richland.

All three were found dumped in a parking lot a couple days later.

You can see from the surveillance footage that whoever stole it, simply just ripped it right off the pole and walked away with it, which begs the question, what is the historic street project going to do about people being able to just walk away with their signs so easily?

"We're going to try and secure them better than the way they are with a different screw," says Karen Miles.

She manages the Historic Street Project.

She says the thefts are less of a petty crime and more a slap in the face to the veterans they are dedicated to. Miles hopes police catch the culprits.

"There's gotta be some accountability," she says.

Police insist there will be and hope you'll recognize the people in the video. Each sign cost around 400 dollars. There are more than 200 of them around Richland. Veterans paid most of the costs to have them installed.