Home invasion in Kennewick

KENNEWICK - A strange home invasion in Kennewick. Several masked men broke into a home late Friday night. Shooting one man and leaving another injured.

It's a peaceful neighborhood by all appearances. But what happened here along Newport Street near 10th Avenue was anything but. To say neighbors are uneasy is putting it lightly.

"I was just playing a game, and I looked out my window because there was a whole bunch of blue lights. There was like 12 patrol cars," said neighbor Eddie Scott.

"I saw the cops here like two in the morning because the lights here like in my window," added neighbor Shateeka Scott.

Shateeka and her brother Eddie have only lived here for two months. Telling me they're fed up with the criminal activity.

"I honestly didn't think it was a bad neighborhood, but I guess a lot of stuff has been happening the last couple weeks," said Shateeka Scott.

First, Eddie was stabbed by a stranger two weeks ago. And now this shooting.

"Probably somebody had one too many drinks and was ready for some action or something," said Eddie Scott.

Police tell me they're unsure if the suspects were intoxicated. The victims reported several masked men forced their way in through the front door. Looking for medical marijuana. Then, things got aggressive. The suspects shot one victim in the neck, the other got pistol whipped.

"They know who's got the stockpile of marijuana, and they know how to case, how to watch them, and they know how to go in and rob them," said Kennewick Police Corporal Todd Dronen.

It's unknown if the victims knew the men. But officials say those who use medical marijuana should be on alert. Not to mention secretive about their prescription.

"With the allowance of medicinal marijuana, you're going to have more opportunities for people to do these things," said Cpl. Dronen.

Opportunities these neighbors want eliminated. All to keep these streets, this town, safe.

The victims were sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No suspects have been found. The case is under investigation.