Homeowner goes after burglars with a pick ax

SHERWOOD, Ore. - A man who went home on his lunch break surprised two burglary suspects at his house and even disabled their car - with a pick ax.

Chris Mollahan said he pulled into the driveway of his Sherwood home on Wednesday just after 1 p.m. and saw two men coming out of the house with sacks of items.

The men dropped the sacks and headed for their car while Mollahan grabbed a pick ax from his garage.

Mollahan said the suspects told him there was another man in the bushes with a gun and during the momentary distraction, they jumped into their car to flee.

That's when Mollahan started swinging the pick ax at their car.

He was able to flatten a tire and even knock off a hubcap. But the suspects were able to drive away - for a short time.

With their rear tire flat, suspects soon abandoned their car, an older white Honda, and Clackamas County Deputies investigating the incident said the pair offered a person $100 for a ride into town. That person refused and called authorities. The two suspects are still on the loose.

"They didn't get away with anything, but they kind of did take one thing away from us, a sense of comfort," Mollahan said. "You know, we live out here in the middle of nowhere and nobody would have stopped them if I hadn't had come home."

No suspect description has yet been released. Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.