Homeowners consider legal action to stop pot farm

Benton County, WASH -- Some Benton County residents are considering legal action to try to stop a pot farm under construction on Clodfelter Road, just outside Kennewick.

Neighbors say there has been activity on the property for a couple of months, and they just discovered that the owner has a pending application with the Liquor Control Board to grow marijuana. Bill and Linda Bauer live just feet away. They are concerned about crime, property values, the proximity to a new school under construction, and the message the pot farm will send to their teenaged grandsons.
"We're gonna have to talk to them now about no, you're not supposed to use drugs but that's a marijuana farm in our front yard. So, it's not a conversation I look forward to having the next time they come to dinner." says Linda Bauer.

The Bauer's and other neighbors are upset the land owner never informed them of what he had planned. We tried to contact the owner, but were unable to reach him.
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