Honor Guard stands watch at Kennewick 9/11 memorial


KENNEWICK, Wash. - It's been 16 years since terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C.

The Tri-City Firefighter Honor Guard commemorated the anniversary at Kennewick's own 9/11 World Trade Center memorial.

The guard arrived before sunrise and stood guard all day, ringing a bell 19 times at every change of the guard. By the end of the day it had tolled 411 times. Once for each emergency worker killed when the towers fell.

Judie Jud said she's visited the memorial four times since it opened in 2011,

"It just makes me remember and get the depth of what happened there that day. It's a way to pay our respects and bring it back to the forefront of our minds."

She said ceremonies like this are important for the next generation,

"We were so glad to see a lady that brought her son. It needs be taught and it needs to be talked about."

Kym David agrees. She's a Physical Education teacher at Southridge High School and brought her class to take part in something they read of in social studies,

"We bring our students to pay their respects and to soak in the day. They're normally very respectful and enjoy coming out and taking the time to reflect."

She said today is an opportunity to discuss an event that changed America forever,

"It's still very important in our history, even though many of our students weren't even born."

David said even though many of her students have no memory of life before the event, they'e intrigued,

"The fire chief did a great job at giving a little impromptu history lessons to one of my classes earlier."

Jud said she's glad to see the next generation taking interest in today's ceremony.

Taking interest in people who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"They were just in it to help and be of service and many of them lost their lives doing. And its good to remember that."

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