Horses in need of some care

FRANKLIN COUNTY - The horses appear to be in bad shape. Their ribs are sticking out.
They have little to no food in their trays. And what's worse is the foal can't even get food.

"I was amazed and upset that I saw the foal with a halter on it, and nails to prevent it from nursing", says Linda Christiano, whom runs Spot-O-Faith Farm.

She's hoping to help these horses living in a Franklin County backyard off Road 64.
Rescue volunteers say that based on their experience, these horses are starving.

"The hipbones are sticking out, there's the triangle shape from the top point were the hips come together to the sides", says Tara Crider, a Volunteer for Spot-O-Faith Farm.

The halter on the baby with nails around it seems to be the most disturbing to the Spot-O-Faith group.

"It's really a confusing aide to both the mare and the baby, there's no way that that would help teach the baby not to nurse anymore it's just teaching them that his mother hates him", says Crider. "All she knows is that she's getting hurt every time her baby tries to nurse."

The lack of nutrition seems to be taking its toll volunteers pointed out muscle atrophy in the foal's neck.

Spot-O-faith has tried reaching out to the family by knocking on their door and even leaving a note offering help. But they received no response.

Law enforcement have had no better luck.

Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies had to go to a neighbor's house to take a look at the animals.

Door knocking and phone calls have gone unanswered.

The investigation just began Thursday so deputies aren't yet ready to confiscate the group.

Until then the horses will be left waiting for help.

Volunteers say they did find food left out for the animals this morning but the concern is that the foal can't even feed at all.