Hospital promotes skin-to-skin contact with newborns

A local hospital is making strides to promote bonding between mothers and babies. KGH recently implemented skin-to-skin care for all new parents.

Babies are placed on a parent's bare chest after birth. Otherwise known as Kangaroo Care -- the process is known to stabilize an infant's blood sugar and vital signs.

It also relieves stress for both mother and child -- preventing the risk of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Health experts tell KEPR technology can't replace this simple benefit.
"In Bogot, Columbia - they had babies that were premature that were dying because they don't have advanced techniques there -- incubators, so they started doing skin-to-skin and increased the survival rate by 400-percent," said Jodi Moore RN, IBCLC.

Kangaroo isn't just encouraged for moms -- fathers can use the method, too.