Hot-spot intersections around the Tri-Cities

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Action News knows safety on the road is important to you. It's why we're checking up on the most dangerous intersections around town.

Action News told you about some hot spots in February. Now, we found out how those hot spots are shaping up.

Local drivers like Ken have seen his share of accidents.

Reporter: "What's the worst one you've seen?
Ken Goldsmith: "A rear-end collision between a semi and a car."

Busy intersections causing collisions is a two-sided coin. Increasing population and tourist interest may mean a boost in the local economy. But - it also makes city engineers more alert for increasing traffic hazards.

"With the higher traffic volumes, it's kind of basically forced us to look into these more seriously and get involved of having partnering with all the three cities as I mentioned," said Washington State Department of Transportation Project Engineer Moe Davari.

"I've lived here all my life and Columbia Center Blvd is probably one of the worst areas," said Ken.

Ken is right. This main road remains a hot spot for accidents. This year so far, Canal Dr. and Columbia Center Blvd rate the highest for accidents at intersections in Kennewick. Along the same street, Quinault and Deschutes Ave come up next.

And to reduce accidents along US 395, DOT said it's working with Kennewick planners on ways to make it safer.

In Richland, Leslie and Gage rank at number one again. I-182 and Queensgate are also still on the list, mostly due to the jump in housing development and Walmart customers. George Washington Way and Columbia Point Dr is new in the top three.

DOT says it's keeping a close eye on SR-240 and Van Geisen, another hot spot for accidents.

In Pasco, the city is closely studying Road 68 from Argent road to Sandifur and from Sandifur up to Powerline Road, hoping to come up with a safety improvement plan.

More changes may be coming to US-12 and Tank Farm Road.

Ken says he knows how easy it is to lose focus while driving.

"Everyone has a tendency to go over and they shouldn't," said Ken.

The numbers of collisions on roads are usually moderate. For example, just 15 accidents have been reported year-to-date along Canal and Columbia Center Blvd. That's out of thousands of cars that pass through.