Hot spots for accidents in Tri-Cities

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - KEPR knows safety on the road is important to you. Especially when you're protecting your most valuable cargo: your children. It's why we looked into the accident hot spots on our area's highways. We learned 240 gets significantly more accidents than 182.

Shanteal Milbourn strategizes to keep her family safe while driving around town.

"I usually do the speed limit. Sixty miles per hour. A lot of people get mad and get up and around me and get pulled over," said Richland driver Shanteal Milbourn.

She wasn't surprised to learn a lot more wrecks happen on Highway 240 as compared to I-182 around the Tri-Cities. 182 may be larger, but the speed limit is also higher.

"I use 182 more often because I don't like 240. A lot of speeders, a lot of collisions, a lot of dangerous," said Milbourn.

KEPR pulled the number of total collisions on our regional highways and interstates. The overall number of accidents has dropped by more than ten percent year to year. There were eight deaths on state roads last year.

And where should you stay most alert? Officials tell me the section between the 240 interchange and Columbia Park Trail is the most busy stretch. Almost 70,000 people drive that spot daily.

As for I-182? Watch for the exit to 240 and also Road 100. Almost 60,000 frequent that area each day.

As for the safest areas? There are fewer accidents on 240 between Columbia Center Boulevard and Edison. On 182, the stretch between Road 68 and Highway 395 is the least congested.

Troopers say avoiding a crash can be simple.

"Watch the distance from you to the vehicle in front of you, obviously. Watch your speed. When you're entering or coming toward a roundabout, remember you always have to yield before going into the roundabout," said WSP Trooper Chis Thorson.

Troopers emphasize the Wye roundabout by Columbia Park Trail and Steptoe is one of the hottest spots for collisions. The Blue Bridge also tops out as one of the most dangerous. Advice to keep you and your family that much safer.