Hot tempers on the road: three violent road rage incidents in just a single month

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- There have now been three violent road rage incidents in just a few weeks.

These days you have to ask yourself: what exactly is happening on our roads?

The trouble started February 4th. A man driving near the Cable Bridge told police he accidentally cut off another driver and was chased and shot upon. Luckily nobody was hurt, but several cars sustained bullet holes. Police still haven't identified a suspect.

Two days later, another case happened; this time on George Washington Way in Richland. In that incident, a man called 911 say another driver threatened him with a gun. No weapon was found, but GW Way was blocked off as police called off a massive response.

And on February 17th, more road rage occurred . An off-duty cop told authorities he was tailgated down Bombing Range Road in West Richland and then threatened with a gun. The suspect was arrested a few hours later, but the numbers speak for themselves: there has been a violent case of road rage each week this month.

Even more concerning is that it's not even happening at the peak season for road rage. In fact, last year more than half of the altercations on local roads happened during the summer.

KEPR asks Washington State Patrol, "Any worry it will get any worse?"
"Of course," says Trooper Chris Thorson. "We're always worried. Anytime pistols are pulled that's a huge situation."

Troopers insist the violent nature of these recent cases is purely a coincidence. For now, they're amping up patrols to catch aggressive drivers.

Last year, the number of documented cases doubled from winter to summer.