House moved across town

KENNEWICK -- It was quite a site in Kennewick when a house was rolling down Columbia Drive. Movers closed down all but one lane to slowly pull the two-story house along.

It wasn't your average traffic delay. This two-story home was headed to its new address. Power lines had to be cut as the mammoth structure was taken out of its place -- a trailer park near the Blue Bridge.
It was being moved five-blocks over to Garfield Street. So why would you move a house?

"It's still in good condition, you know, and nobody wanted it," say Daron Burdett, the man who owns the house.

Because nobody wanted it, Daron got it for free. Kennewick planned to tear the house down as part of its effort to clean the waterfront. It was once at the Clover Leaf Trailer Park. Everyone will eventually be forced to move from the spot.

"If I didn't save it, it would have been chipped in by now," Daron added.

Daron has been moving houses for the past 15 years. In this area alone, he's already put in six houses. This will be the seventh. And he says won't be the last.

"We got seven over here and then we'll probably put in two more over here," he says.

Daron rehabs the homes and uses them as rental properties. He's slowing transforming the neighborhood.

"Well, it was a farming area for many years. Grapes were grown here," says Irene Llewellyn. She has lived on the street for almost 50 years. She wasn't sure what to think when old homes started showing up.

"I kind of liked the view of a vacant lot," she says.

Now, Irene is happy with the changes.

"They've all been good neighbors so far," she added.

It's a welcome attitude because Daron isn't quite done yet.

"Oh I'd like to save a couple more of them house over there and then I think I'll be done for a while," Daron says.

The house may have been free but the cost to move it sure wasn't. This one alone cost Daron 35-grand, but he expects to make his money back over time.