House sales up in the Tri-Cities, foreclosures down

TRI-CITIES - In an economy where some people are struggling to find a job, it's easier to find a reasonable home.

Realtors in the Tri-Cities say our housing market has kept getting better.

"It's been a quickquick start, we've been busy" , says Lance Kenmore.

Lance Kenmore is part of Kenmore homes.
His business alone has sold more than 20 homes since the start of the year.

"With our market being so healthy and our prices continuing to increase, the foreclosures have been down so we are feeling good about that", says Kenmore.

Foreclosures have taken a plunge.

In 2010, there were 755 foreclosures.

And last year the number was cut by more than half to 355.

Along with that home sales rose slightly to more than 3,000 sold in 2011 alone.

Melissa Ruzicka knew it was the right time to buy.

"We wanted to take advantage of the lower interest rates that were going on", says Ruzicka.

Things moved quickly for her.

"Our house sold in 10 days and we knew we wanted to come to South Richland which is were were at now so we found were we wanted to go and just made it happen", says Ruzicka.

"If January and February are any indicator of how the rest of the year is going to be then its going to be a great year", says Kenmore.

For Melissa, it was a good year.

"All the pieces fell into place, we knew it was gonna happen and it did", says Ruzicka.

Realtors told KEPR they expect interest rates to stay low for a while.

Benton County has sold foreclosed homes through an online auction in the past.

Contact the treasurer's office to look into possible deals on bank-owned properties.