Hundreds attend Seahawks 'Mile March'

RICHLAND, Wash. -- It is a countdown of epic proportions to the Super Bowl. 'Beast Mode' was felt strongly Saturday across our region. A couple weeks ago, hundreds hiked Badger Mountain together showing off their 12th man pride. Even more showed up Saturday to the 'Mile March' along the Columbia River. We captured all the sights and sounds of that event.

Reporter: "How do you feel about the color orange these days?"
"You know, oh, I have olive skin. Orange doesn't work for me at all," Kathy Orr said.

Reporter: "How's it going to go down?"
"The Seahawks are going to kill it and have a massive score, and who cares what the Broncos score?" one fan replied.

Reporter: "How long have you been a Seahawks fan?
"Since '76," another fan said.

Reporter: "So, how many Skittles have you purchased this week?"
"Quite a lot," said another fan.

"So excited. All week we've just been excited. Can't wait," another fan added.

"I've been a big fan since I was a little kid," a fan said.

"I almost feel sorry that the Seahawks are going to crush the Broncos," one fan said.

Reporter: "You don't have any Broncos in your family, do you?"
"No," a fan replied.
Reporter: "No Broncos coming over?"
"No," the fan said.

We did get reports of one or two broncos fans in the crowd, but apparently most Seahawks fans were on their best behavior.