Inmate found dead in jail cell

Inmate found dead in cell

FRANKLIN COUNTY. Wash. -- The Franklin County Sheriff says the body of a 63 year-old Pasco man was discovered, lifeless, in a jail cell on Monday morning at around 9:30 am.

The coroner has identified the man as Harry Wilkerson.

Sheriff J.D. Raymond has requested the assistance of the Special Investigation Unit to examine the circumstances surrounding the death.

The sheriff says there are no reasons to believe that anything criminal occurred in this incident.

Authorities say Wilkerson was booked into the facility on 12/8/2017.

The sheriff's office will not release the name of the inmate.

The coroner is planning to conduct an autopsy on Wednesday morning.

The Sheriff Office says no one will be releasing any further information concerning the incident until facts can be gathered in the investigation.

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