Intersection improvements in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. - More construction is on the way in Kennewick, this time work is being done city-wide on the intersections.

The plan is to replace and install brand new navigator push buttons at nine intersections. They include spots on Kennewick Avenue, 10th Street and 4th Street. Crews will also grind down ramps that may cause people to trip, but it's a costly project. Running nearly $370,000, we asked the city, why so much?

"It's a requirement by the federal government that our intersections be ADA compliant, so when we get ready to do a street improvement or an overlay, these intersections, if they're not to code correctly, have to be brought into code before we can do these improvements," said Evelyn Lusignan.

Staff also tell KEPR they will be replacing various portions of sidewalks along the intersections as well. There is no timetable for a start date.