"Intro to bike safety" serves as a reminder to share the road

"Intro to bike safety" serves as a reminder to share the road

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Bike pros say a lot of people aren't familiar with the road laws or how to share the road with cyclists, pedestrians, horses, pets, and even motorcycles. Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop wants to change that.

They're holding an "Intro to Bike Safety" course Saturday, April 15th at their Richland location. Executive Director David Spaulding says people fear for their safety because others don't know how to drive, ride, walk or run defensively.

It's also important to remember the state of Washington doesn't have a helmet law. However, in Benton County Spaulding says children should wear helmets at all times although adults aren't required to. Safety precautions like this could save a life.

"You can use a cell phone and be just as distracted on a bike as you can in a car," Spaulding explained. "Another concern is wearing earbuds or listening to music. That jogger in front of them may not be aware and needs to be just as aware of their presence.”

Class registration is still open online, for more details and safety tips visit the Wheelhouse Bike website.

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