Intruder shot dead on front porch in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. -- Police say an intruder tried to get into a home in West Pasco. The homeowner shot the man and killed him on the front porch.

It was a shocking scene on a quiet street. The police say the meeting of two men with no connection to each other ended with one of them dead.

Jason Crampton lives just a couple of houses down and says his dogs gave him the initial wake-up call on Savary Drive.

"We've got some Yorkies in the house and they were going crazy. I got up to investigate and didn't see anything except the lights and stuff like that", said Crampton.

Just a few yards from Jason's front door, coroners say Stephan Sergio Aceves tried to get into his neighbor's house, where a family slept inside.

The police say Aceves tried to enter the house. And officers say the homeowner shot him on sight, killing him.

Police are still working through just what happened, but say there is no reason to believe either person knew each other. It will be up to the prosecutor to decide if the shooting was justified.

Pasco Police Capt. Ken Roske said, "It'll take all of our resources over at our detective division to solve this as quick as possible and determine the circumstances behind it."

Roske added that this neighborhood is normally quiet. There were just a handful of calls to police for help in the last three years.

Crampton says says watching the family get taken away from the crime scene for questioning was hard for him.

"A little emotional, because I've got small kids, too. That's the biggest concern", says Crampton.

But he says he has no reservations when it comes to protecting his family.

"I think everybody's got the right to defend their property. Stay on your own property, and you won't have these types of problems."

The homeowner has not been arrested, and his name is not being released as the investigation continues.

The autopsy on Aceves will be performed on Monday.