Is your apartment safe?

TRI-CITIES - We know safety is a top concern when it comes to where you live. Two years ago, KEPR told you about apartments with the highest amount of crime calls. We're doing a checkup to see how these hot-spots are faring.

"My window's been broken, my stereo's gone," retold Daisy Galvan.

Galvan is not surprised to hear Columbia Court Apartments had the most crime calls per unit in Pasco last year.

"I've seen some crimes out here before," added Galvan.

In 2010, KEPR uncovered the apartments with the most crime calls per unit. Crimes included theft, burglary, assault, sex crimes, drugs and malicious mischief.

Action News compared those numbers to similar crime calls for 2011. We focused on the records from apartments with the most and least crime -- from three years ago.

In Pasco, Silver Creek off of Road 100 reported the most crimes per unit in 2009. Last year, it was neck and neck with Columbia Court.

Columbia Court - 21.7% units affected
Silver Creek - 21.5% units affected

It's why Galvan wants to move. As a mother, she's concerned about safety.

"I'm thinking of maybe moving to Kennewick or something," said Galvan.

In 2009, Pinecrest had zero calls made to police to report a crime. Two years later, it's had just a few.

In Richland, Columbia Park Apartments had the highest percentage of crime calls in 2009. These increased by 45%.

Crime Calls in Columbia Park Apartments for 2011:
Thefts (including car prowls) -15
Burglary - 6
Assault - 4
Sex Crimes - 3
Narcotics - 7
Malicious Mischief - 7

Northpoint off Stevens in Richland still reports no crime calls. Washington Square Complex on G-W Way 1 saw a slight increase.

Washington Square Complex for 2011:
Thefts (including car prowls) - 2
Assault - 3
Malicious Mischief - 1

In east Kennewick, crime calls in all Heatherstone units rose by nearly a third from three years ago.

Hawaiian Village was also a hot-spot in 2009. Last year, crime calls dropped dramatically -- down 40%.

Cambridge Station off West Fourth reported no crime calls in 2009. There was a slight increase last year.

All three cities have crime prevention programs for apartment complexes. It allows landlords and tenants to partner with police to crack down on crime. Those who have gone through the certification or training process wear a sign outside.

"If they see someone shady, there's high potential they're doing something illegal and they need to report it to police," said Pasco Officer Jonathan Davis.

Police advise apartment hunters to pick apartments who partner with these programs. All to protect you - and your family.

Landlords can take part in a training program to make rental complexes resistant to crime.

The next meeting for Kennewick and Richland is in mid-October.
Pasco hopes to hold the Crime-Free Multi Housing Program training at the beginning of next year.

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