It's not a bird... or a plane... it's a drone!

PENDLETON, Ore. -- For the first time ever, The Oregon National Guard is using drones to prepare members for combat.

Something "buzzworthy" in the skies above Pendleton. It's not a bird, or a plane, or even a U-F-O, but a drone... flying above a field near you!

Onlookers gasped and the crowds clapped, but make no mistake of it: beyond the routine fly-by, it is serious business.

"If the president does call upon us, we can use this where it does matter," says Mike Braeme, Oregon National Guard.

In cases of extreme combat, Oregon's National Guard will use drones to obtain valuable information from our enemies, while protecting the lives of our troops.

Pendleton Airport is a far cry from the rugged hills where drones will eventually patrol, but the Oregon National Guard insists it's the perfect area for training while staying safe in the process.

From now on, the modest air strip will now be a staging ground for the National Guard's drone program. It's been six years... and many tense moments... in the making.

The Oregon National Guard insists the drones are only for training purposes.

Nobody is actually being watched in Pendleton.