Jack Didley's bouncer gets jail time for assault

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Video surveillance convicted Matthew Hibbard of 3rd degree assault. Jurors couldn't deny the shots of him tossing Ben Ensign on his head last Fourth of July. That split-second decision will mean a year in jail for the Kennewick bouncer.

He will spend 20 days behind bars full time. The other 345 days on work release. He'll sleep in the jail but can leave for work during the day.

Before learning his fate, Hibbard listened to how Ben Ensign and his family were affected by the assault.

Ensign's grandfather told the judge, "He'll never be the Benjamin I knew, Zoe will never have the dad he knew."

Ensign's uncle, mother, and father told the court how this has rocked their family. They dried tears as they asked the judge not to go easy on Hibbard.

Those going to bat for the Jack Didley's manager also had their chance. Including family, friends and even a Pasco Police Officer.

Hibbard's wife Jennifer said, "He is a husband, and a son and a father, he's a good person."

At the end, Hibbard was given an opportunity to apologize.

He said, "I regret from the very bottom of my soul every link in the chain of events that took place that night."

That regret won't bring back the Ben his family once knew. Hibbard is now a convicted felon.

Sheila Barichello, Ensign's mom said, "We have to have people held accountable to this type of violence. Our son is gone, he'll never be the same. We're mourning a great loss. It's very difficult but it's a start and this is yet one more element of closure for our family."

Sheila hopes to change the law to prevent bouncers from using any kind of force with unruly customers, a process she knows will take some time.

"All I know is that we are not done, this is just the beginning," she said.

She's hoping to turn tragedy into more justice for her son.

To get all sides, we did reach out to Hibbard's family and friends for comment on the sentencing. They denied our request for any interviews.

Hibbard will begin his sentence on March 27. While serving his time he is not allowed to work as a bouncer.

Ensign's family has told us before that Ben will likely be in assisted living for the remainder of his life.