Jennifer Reedy on Serenity's death

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A Richland mom has reached out to KEPR after the violent death of her infant daughter. Jennifer Reedy told us she was only trying to give Serenity a happy family. Bringing the man she hoped to marry into her home with direct access to her baby that police say he raped and murdered.

"I wanted her to have what every child should have, a mom and a dad and a happy home," said Reedy. Jennifer Reedy says she's still raw, numb and in complete darkness. It's been two months since she found her infant daughter, a bubbly, talkative and innocent 9-month-old, dead. She was raped and then killed say police by Jose Aguilar.

"There are a lot of people who have a lot of bad opinions about me and it's not fair because I did what I thought I needed to do to protect my child," said Reedy. The entire community has been left with questions surrounding Serenity's death at the alleged hands of a convicted sex offender, and until now had very little answers.

"No, I had no idea," said Jennifer, when asked if she knew he was a convicted sex offender. "I had first went online, I met him online and I had done a background check to see if there was any sex offender thing and it doesn't come up because he's a level one."

In a matter of weeks, Jennifer said the two became close, he moved in and they talked about a family.
"I had absolutely no idea. We went to church together; we had bible study in our home. I thought I had found the one. Serenity called him daddy," she said.

But the fact remains, this 'daddy' is one that Jennifer brought home.

KEPR asked Jennifer what she says to the people who say she allowed this to happen. She said, "I did everything humanely possible to protect my child. There was no way for me to know he would have done this to my daughter."

Jennifer says there's a lot the prosecutor, coroner and investigators are keeping from her too. Whether it's for her protection or not, she says the nightmares come every night.

"I loved my daughter and I would do anything to have her back," she said.

Jose Aguilar was arrested in southern California after Serenity's death. Police think he was trying to flee to Mexico. He was brought back to the Tri-Cities and charged with rape and murder. He's awaiting trial.